Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yachana Reserve: A Glimpse of Primary Jungle

 We (Julie, Harold and Randall) went to Yachana Lodge, located on the Napo River which flows into the Amazon. The lodge was reached by flying to Quito, taking a small plane to Coca and then boarding a motorized canoe which took us upriver for three hours to the lodge. Many pictures were taken on this adventure, but we thought the video clips (about one minute each) would give a feel for the jungle environment and our very impressive guide, Juan.

We stopped because of the view and to listen to the birds.  However, we were viewing a secondary growth forest as we prepared to enter the Yachana Reserve (old forest).
Juan had not been on this trail for over a month, and the trail was overgrown.

Juan's machete had become dull and needed sharpening, and Juan had what he needed:  a stone, water and the skill.