Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cajas: Some Fauna and Flora

The altitude in the range of over 13,500 feet is a limiting factor in the distribution of animals and plants in the Cajas National Park, with the entrance located 18 miles west of Cuenca.  The thin air, resulting in little filtering of the rays of the sun, and the cool temperatures make  for a unique environment.  Below see pics of llamas, alpacas and some wild horses.  Also below, see pics of plants, noting that they do not have big leaves and are coated with a waxy type substance, and the flowers are very small.
"La llama se llama." - a Spanish phrase using homonyms - "It's called a llama."
Picture of a communal Alpaca dung pile - a unique aspect of Alpacas.
There are two feral horses in this picture!

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