Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Hike in the Andes

The three of us (Julie, Randall and Harold) headed out to Cajas National Park Tuesday morning and had a great time. Our major endeavor was a hike around Lake Toreadora followed by a trip up to the continental divide at Tres Cruces.  This area is in the range of 13,500 feet with the Tres Cruces listed as 13,670 feet.  The air was crisp, clear and thin - the views were spectacular.  We spent five hours on this trip with the entrance to the park less than twenty miles away from Cuenca.  However the climb into the mountains is over a mile higher than Cuenca.

The hike was not an easy hike and on a rainy day would be much more difficult. We were surprised at the amount of water that was flowing in small streams and that the earth was very spongy.  Since we were circling the lake there were many opportunities for pictures with the lake as a background.

Tres Cruces (Three Crosses): In Colonial times people who would be passing by these graves  would say a prayer and place a rock to seek more comfort on their own journey. Today there is a nice road over the continental divide.

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  1. Was it reasly the divide? Or, was it about 10k north of where you were hiking? ;) Great pictures, by the way.