Monday, February 7, 2011

Friends, touring, nature, and wine/beer

On Saturday, January 29, our good friends from Rochester (Jean Marconett/Roger Borowick/Darlene Voeltz) arrived for a whirlwind tour of Cuenca and Ingapirca before we all headed to Galapagos. Fortunately, all flights/trip went well, and they arrived on time, providing us enough time to walk around Cuenca a bit before having THE BEST MEAL EVER at El Tiesto. The place is unique and is run by a chef with FLAIR – so impressionable that we will take all of our future guests there. After gorging ourselves on Saturday evening, we got up early on Sunday, and a private van/guide/driver picked us up and provided us with a narrated tour of Cuenca (other locations, including Turi – see pic) before heading to Ingapirca (see pic and note that a blog on Ingapirca will be coming). Then we spent the night in Guayaquil before heading to the Galapagos for 6 days of learning about and reveling in nature (blogs coming).   Oh -- and we did have a few glasses of wine and beer along the way (also recommended).

In total, it was great to see Rochester friends and great to visit some new places in Ecuador!

Group at Turi overlooking Cuenca

Group at Ingapirca - Inca temple of the sun and temple of the moom

Group arrives at Baltra airport in Galapagos

Enjoying the last evening on the yacht La Pinta

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