Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take a stroll with us to gaze upon the balconies of Cuenca

The best part of taking a walk in Cuenca is viewing the balconies jutting from almost every building.   These balconies exist on every floor from the second on up, depending upon the height of the building.  Some of them have concrete railings, some are metalwork railings, they are in various colors, some with flowers, some without.  Generally, they aren't very big (that is, not big enough for a chair or a grill), but the variety is vast.  And just as colorful and decorative are the doors or windows that allow access to the balconies.

Nothing is more enjoyable than a walk when one's face is tilted up toward the balconies (provided you don't trip on the uneven sidewalks!), so come with us on a journey through the streets, and enjoy the glorious balconies of Cuenca.

 I hope you enjoyed the stroll.  The last picture, by the way, was taken during the opening Carnaval ceremony right by the main square in Cuenca.

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