Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The many-faceted doors of Cuenca

Metal, wood, synthetic, grandiose, small, imposing, middling – these are only some of the adjectives that describe the doors one sees in Cuenca, all unique, all beautiful.

This posting will provide you with a pictorial overview of the beautiful (and occasionally not-so-beautiful) doors of Cuenca.

This first grouping includes doors on the many churches in Cuenca (some say there are 52 Catholic churches here, one for each week of the year, and of course, there are churches of other denominations too).

The most imposing Cuencan doors (there are three of them on the front) are perhaps the metal doors of the "new" cathedral.

As you will see in the next few photos, brown seems to be the favored color for church doors in Cuenca.

You will see double doors on many of the churches (exterior and interior -- where you walk to the left or the right of the interior doors to get into the sanctuary).  One tour guide indicated the double doors were a hold-over from colonial times when the Spaniards would enter the sanctuary to be seated, but the indigenous people had to stay outside in the lobby or in the plaza.  The interior doors would be shut so they could only hear (somewhat) the services, but the Spaniards inside would not be able to see them. . . . .

 Many of the most beautifully carved doors are wood, and many of the carvings are Incan or indigenous representations.  In the wooden doors below, look for the sun (Incan), the moon (Canari), Incan kings, etc.

 Many of the doors are metal, and these too are often very ornate and carved, also often including indigenous or Incan imagery.  Of course, they often have geometric designs too.

 And there are doors covering doors.  The next three are exterior, thief-proof doors for the many little tiendas (stores) in Cuenca.  At the beginning of the day, the locks on either side of the bottom of the door  are unlocked, and the doors roll up, revealing another door or often just a counter behind which rests the store goods.  Note that these exterior doors come in all different colors and sizes. 

 And some of the doors are quite colorful!
 And some have graffiti plastered over them.
 Lastly, we leave you with the door to our apartment building and the door to our unit -- which we have thoroughly enjoyed these past three months. 

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