Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Domingo Gringo

Here is a brief report on Domingo Gringo (Gringo Sunday) at the Inca Bar and Bistro (see pic of Julie in front of the place).  The bar is owned and run by an American who grew up in a military family (lived in many places).  The bar is between the Tomebamba River and a very steep cliff and thus has a scenic placement with an outdoor patio facing the river and an upstairs bar with a back yard  by the cliff.  The place is a gathering spot for Americans and Canadians on Sunday afternoons and reportedly is a gathering place for younger folk in the evening. 
Julie at Domingo Gringo at the Inca Bar

However, this last Sunday was atypical as the bar was showing the Packer & Bear game via an internet site received via Wi-Fi (with the TV being the monitor). The view of the game was a bit herky/jerky, but there was much interest (see pics).  Those not interested in the actual details of the game visited outside as did Harold and Julie.  See pic of Harold with some members of the group, and note that the sign in the background that says “El Barranco” – which means “The Cliff” .)
Harold with back yard group

Bear/Packer/NFL fans in the lounge area

Bar group during the game

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