Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Accomplishments during our first week in Cuenca

Here is the scope of what we have been doing during our first week in Cuenca:
  • Walked and walked and walked around Cuenca to see where things are located and to get our spatial bearings.
  • Walked from our apartment to the “centro” on 3 different routes.
  • Learned a bit more about where to buy food in our immediate vicinity and have stocked up a BIT. 
  • Learned to use the Cuenca bus system (25 cents per ride anywhere in the city), and we’ve taken the bus a few times and arrived at our desired location (whew).
  • Learned how to ask a taxi driver “how much to get to . . . “ and to use the taxis (no tipping unless the taxi driver carries some bags for you).
  • Signed up for Spanish classes and have taken the first couple of them.
  • Checked out some of the food and artisan markets in town.
  • Made arrangements to go to Galapagos the first week in February.
  • Made arrangements with a travel agent to do some tours in the immediate vicinity of Cuenca.
  • Gone to three ex-pat social events and met tons of cool people from all over the US and Canada.
  • Slept and ate (sometimes at home, sometimes at restaurants -- the eating, that is).
  • Had intestinal distress once (Julie)
  • Gone out running a couple of times (Harold)

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