Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tickets purchased!

We are one step closer: we have purchased our tickets and will be in Ecuador from January 10 to April 5, flying in and out of Quito.  I suspect we will stay in Quito for three days or so before we head to Cuenca, so Julie can acclimate her lungs.  Our realtor tells us that there should be ample places available for three months rental, so we are trusting his word.

Other than attempting to study Spanish (emphasis on ATTEMPTING) and looking at myriads of blogs, we are now just waiting. . . .   But speaking of other Ceunca blogs -- there are tons of them.  It seems we are a part of a mass movement of ex-pats to Ecuador, and several of the couples start out just as we have:  heading to Cuenca for an extended visit, loving it, then going back the next year, and ultimately buying a place to live there permanently.  A permanent move is not our intent, however (famous last words?).
I did e-mail one of the bloggers who had been a teacher and who had spent some time teaching in MN -- just to introduce ourselves.
The other good news is that we have several friends who will be coming to visit:  Jean/Rog/Darlene, Joe/Sharon, and Randall thus far.  

Counting down.

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