Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Preliminary Planning

We have five months until the Cuenca gig begins in reality, but plans are being made.

  • First, we have made a "friend" in Cuenca -- Carol. Juleen and Joe met her on the street of Cuenca and talked with her about the experience of ex-pats in Cuenca. She gladly answered questions and provided her e-mail address. I have contacted her, and she has been most gracious about responding to every kind of question I have asked. She has also set us up with a realtor who works with Americans who want to stay in Cuenca, whether it be for rentals or purchase (we are in the former category). One of the really great things is that she and her husband own the only American restaurant in Cuenca, and I am sure it will be a stopping-off point for us as we journey around the area.
  • Second, we have been thinking about what we will bring in our four precious suitcases, and we have been purchasing the things we think we will need but don't yet have.
  • Third, we have begun reading. The first book is The Ecuador Reader: History, Culture, Politics. It's a great sampling of scholarsly articles and research on multiple aspects of Ecuadorian culture.
  • Fourth, we are attempting to learn some Spanish.
  • Lastly, thus far, is the viewing of videos about Ecuador. The first is Crude.

Stay tuned for other preliminary activities. And let us know if you know of books/movies we should view before we go.

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